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    € 18,50
    The Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters are best friends with all kind of spirits and make great Manhattans, great Gin and Tonic and Dry martini Cocktails.

    € 18,50
    The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters are best friends all kinds of spirits and make great classic Dry Martini Cocktails and go well in a Gin & Tonic.

    € 18,50
    Old Time Aromatic Bitters are some astonishing bitters from the Bitter Truth. These work brilliantly in whisky and rum cocktails and add superb, spicy complexity.

    € 18,50
    The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters are a fiery red colored liquid which is highly aromatic with notes of anis, fruit, ginger and floral aromas.

    € 19,40
    The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Traveler’s Set can be carried in flight hand luggage and therefore is the ideal companion for all globetrotters who won`t settle for anything less than perfect drinks during their flight! Including 5 different flavors in a lovely designed tin box this kit is also the perfect addition to anybody’s home bar.

    € 19,00
    The Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters are fresh and zesty for all kinds of white spirits. Perfect for Dry Martini Cocktail and Gin and Tonic.

    € 21,00
    The Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters are rich and spicy with delicate cacao notes and hints of warm herbs and spices. Best with dark spirits.

    € 18,50
    The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters are best friends with white spirits and make great a Gin and Tonic and Martinis Cocktails and offer vegetal flavors.